Earn, Track, and Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom.


The core of personal finances is adding money to yourpaycheck. Learn and explore ways to make money and improve your career path.


Your success with personal finance depends on how well you track your financial picture and are good with spending and saving.


Once you figure out how to save money you need to make that money work for you. Investing in the right things can make you successful long-term.

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Earn Extra Money Posting on Findzu Forums

Take note that this is a brand new service, one that I developed myself, and is definitely not a replacement for a solid job or career. But it has a[…]

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The ROI Mindset

Being good with money is all about mindset. Are you controlling your resources, or are your resources controlling you? I didn’t make EarnTrackInvest to nitpick ever financial situation a person[…]

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Vital Card

VITAL Card – Don’t Let a Marketing Gimmick Push You Into Credit Card Debt

Let me be honest here. I use a credit card. It wasn’t my first choice because I try to stay out of any kind of debt, but with all of[…]

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