How do you earn more money, track your finances to know exactly what to do next, and invest the assets you have now?

That’s what we will find out together.

Why Me

My name is JT Smith, and my education/career is in internet marketing. I also have a passion for math, finances, and being a good steward of the resources I’m blessed with.

It turns out that a lot of people I talk to do not know about the tools and strategies I use to invest. EarnTrackInvest will spread the information about ideas and technologies people may find useful.

Why Earn, Track, and Invest


The typical person works 40 hours a week. The 40-hour worker spends 35% of waking hours working. The average person does not put enough thought into income in general. We’ll talk about building streams of income, and optimizing the amount you earn from your 9 to 5.

There is a simple principle called cash flow (CF).

CF = Earnings – Expense

We will often talk about cash flow on EarnTrackInvest later. For now note that it should be a metric you focus on in personal finances.

Earn more money, improve your cash flow.


Get ready for an obvious statement.

It is easier to cut back on expenses if you know what expenses you have. You cannot make a strategy until you know the variables to include.

Here’s what not to do. Spend your entire paycheck. Get stressed that you worked 170 hours last month and have nothing to show for it. Promise you’ll do better next month, then repeat.

Instead, let’s track it all. You need to break down your spending and make decisions. You need to track your activities so you can optimize.

Remember the second part of the cash flow equation? Reduce your spending and you’ll increase your cash flow. The first step is to track, to know what to reduce.

There are tools available to track and calculate finances for you. We will discuss the best ones on EarnTrackInvest.


What do you do with that cash flow? How do you allocate and optimize the assets you control?

My goal with EarnTrackInvest is to explore as many investment options as possible. I want to share my results with you, so that you can make the best decisions possible. I also want to discover new investment technologies as the world automates more and more.

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