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Acorns Review: How to Invest Your Change for a Poor Retirement

If you're a millennial interested in personal finance, chances are you've been told Acorns is the best app ever for you. The concept of Acorns is that it ...

1 Hour Per Day Income Stream Journey

Starting October 4th, 2017 I’m investing 1 hour each workday to work on EarnTrackInvest. I already have a full-time 40 hour career, so this goal here is to ...

The Secret to Building Wealth At Every Age – Cash Flow

Have you heard of Cash Flow? If you're in business leadership or real estate, you have probably heard the term tossed around. However, it is a principle that ...

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  1. Money Beagle: I completely agree. The nature of most people is to spend all of the money they have, hence the importance of forced savings.

    Unfortunately when those people get their return they’re just going to spend that too.

    To those people I’d recommend setting up a new investment account that withdraws automatically from their bank account soon after paycheck time to get the money out of their checking account.

    I have a feeling most people who discover this blog are at least going to make an attempt at managing their money well, but the majority of the population certainly behaves as you suggested.

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