Earn, Track, and Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom

The ROI Mindset

Being good with money is all about mindset. Are you controlling your resources, or are your resources controlling you? I didn’t make EarnTrackInvest to nitpick ever financial situation a person could possibly be in. Instead, I want people to transform their worldview on money. Money doesn’t bring happiness. Being wealthy shouldn’t be your goal in…
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Vital Card

VITAL Card – Don’t Let a Marketing Gimmick Push You Into Credit Card Debt

Let me be honest here. I use a credit card. It wasn’t my first choice because I try to stay out of any kind of debt, but with all of the hacking and fraud going around everywhere on the internet, my father-in-law who is an internet security expert told me about the security benefits of…
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A Reminder Not to Celebrate Tax Returns

I did my taxes early this year. As soon as all of the documents were available online, I went ahead and filed through an online tax software. When I saw that I was getting a hefty return, I started feeling good about myself. I was pretty excited when I saw the total Federal + State…
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Saving Money at the Store isn’t Saving Money at All

Do you pride yourself on being a bargain hunter? Always looking for the best way to save money on products and as soon as you see a really good deal you buy up as much as possible? I have seen people buy things they don’t need or even want just to get a good deal.…
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I Believe in Bitcoin, but I’m Not Buying

I knew about Bitcoin in 2012 when it was worth $6. I loved the idea of a decentralized currency that is digital and we know exactly how much is out there. Unfortunately in 2012 I was just starting college and had about $0 to my name to buy any of it. I did manage to…
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M1 Finance In-Depth Review 2018

M1 Finance is an automated investing platform that makes it easy to buy stocks and funds. They have automated features that allow you to deposit and buy stocks automatically, but also some unique portfolio building tools and the ability to actively manage your portfolio if you choose.  I’ve been using it for about a month…
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Basic Questions to Ask Before Buying Stocks

When you first start looking at the stock market, it looks like a big pile of random numbers and jargon that you think will take forever to sift through. The truth is that a lot of the numbers are distractions for most investors, and the jargon isn’t necessary to know to succeed. By the time…
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Should You Refinance Student Loans?

I was one of the lucky ones who managed to graduate with little debt as a result of going to an in-state school and waiting tables 20+ hours a week to pay for tuition. If you aren’t yet in college, I have to 100% recommend avoiding debt if at all possible. The debt isn’t tied…
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How to Track Your Net Worth Automatically

How frequently do you calculate your net worth? Personally I do it daily, not because I’m vain about my finances, but because I use a tracking software that makes it super easy to check it every day. Seeing how my net worth moves up and down keeps me motivated and knowledgeable about every aspect of…
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Textbook LifeHack Cover Image

Textbook LifeHack That Saved me $461.96 in One Semester

How in the world can my textbooks cost so much!?! I was surprised by textbook prices every semester. Considering most college students have a negative net worth, you would think the school would cut them some slack at least on educational materials. I was always looking for ideas to cut down my textbook costs, but…
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