Earn Extra Money Posting on Findzu Forums

Take note that this is a brand new service, one that I developed myself, and is definitely not a replacement for a solid job or career. But it has a lot of potential to generate revenue for users.

Earn Money
You earn 100% of ad revenue on content you generate if you are an approved user. When you write a post, Findzu displays ads on that post, and those ads generate revenue. If you’re credited with “authorship”, you can be paid monthly as long as you’ve supplied a paypal email and are above the $50 threshold.

There have been a lot of revenue sharing websites that came and went. However, Findzu is unique because it is a broad forum website. That means it is built to be discussion focused, to encompass any category you’d want to write about, and to have features that simulate games with achievements and levels.

Let’s take for example the tragic case of Triond. They were the best example of a revenue sharing website, but they really failed for a number of reasons. First of all, they tried to sort everyone’s articles as they came in into categories and throw those articles on their web pages. Rather than put the power in user’s hands where they get to post in whatever forums they want, they had categories the user could choose, but then hodge-podged all of the content into that format.

It wasn’t conducive to user generated content, because other users didn’t comment or in the case of Findzu, reply to the posts. Forums are built for interaction and immediate control by the user to create content in the category they want!

The second issue they had was poor moderation. They allowed non-English speakers to write terribly written translated articles that didn’t provide value or offer a unique insight. More than anything, they weren’t optimized for search engines. Apart from poor rules, they almost never caught copied and slightly changed content, nor did they remove content that was irrelevant to the sites they published it on.

A lot of those pitfalls apply to most revenue sharing sites to some degree, but I think the forum format and our revenue system is uniquely capable of solving this.

On Findzu, we have an incentivized moderator system where the moderator gets the ad revenue from the forum index page they moderate. If they do a great job facilitating a healthy content-generating forum, their traffic and revenue will continue to increase. If they do a terrible job, we’ll revoke their moderatorship. Thus they have every incentive to be effective.

One benefit I’ve seen from Findzu is that there is no limit to the focus that forums can have. For instance, we can have an entire discussion board dedicated to disc golf, and if you’re passionate about disc golf you can post your thoughts and ideas and questions about disc golf and post it there. Then, if you’re credited with the authorship of any of the posts that generate ad revenue, you get that ad revenue.

As someone who enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics, and who owns websites ranging from personal finance (like this one) to puns, I have found it easy to write on any topic I’m passionate about but do not want to make an entire website about. I can jump around from posting about your favorite video game, to politics, to online marketing. Typically you wouldn’t want all these thing on a single site, but because of the way the content is organized, it is all search engine optimized and targeted in a manner that attracts visits, subscriptions, and return readers.

The best way to utilize Findzu is to think of topics you’re really passionate about and start thinking of posts you want to make. When you have an idea for a topic, I’d encourage you to just start writing in the most relevant forum! That’s how I’ve been doing it. I have ideas for content, or thoughts pop into my head that I want to explore, and I slam out some content.

How Findzu Operates
There are two ways Findzu makes money. Through incremental ad revenue from areas of the site that are not credited to the users, like settings pages, instructions, home pages, and admin-generated or acquired content. Also from affiliate revenue from inserting links into user’s topics and posts. When a product or company is referenced or linked, Findzu’s systems automatically monetize those links to get commission from them.

But for all of the display advertising, 100% goes to the credited author, in most cases that’s the topic starter.

Keep in mind that in order to make money with Findzu, you’ll want a lot of high-quality posts but also need time to allow Google to rank those posts and start bringing in traffic. Typically it takes Google a couple of months to test a page enough to decide to rank it.

However, you’ll find that its fun and easy to start writing and generating your first few dollars!

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