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Earn, Track, and Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom

Earn Extra Money Posting on Findzu Forums

Take note that this is a brand new service, one that I developed myself, and is definitely not a replacement for a solid job or career. But it has a lot of potential to generate revenue for users. Earn Money You earn 100% of ad revenue on content you generate if you are an approved…
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Vital Card

VITAL Card – Don’t Let a Marketing Gimmick Push You Into Credit Card Debt

Let me be honest here. I use a credit card. It wasn’t my first choice because I try to stay out of any kind of debt, but with all of the hacking and fraud going around everywhere on the internet, my father-in-law who is an internet security expert told me about the security benefits of…
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1 Hour Per Day Income Stream Journey

Starting October 4th, 2017 I’m investing 1 hour each workday to work on EarnTrackInvest. I already have a full-time 40 hour career, so this goal here is to build an extra stream of income out of EarnTrackInvest. My strategy is to wake up 1 hour earlier each workday with a nice pot of coffee and…
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