Claim Free Stocks from Trusted Brokerages

Here’s our list of the top brokerages giving away free stocks to attract new users. We recommend claiming all of the free stocks from the entire list. Some require an initial deposit to get your full stocks, but each brokerage makes it easy to withdraw any initial deposit.

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Webull Logo for 2 Free Stocks Sign up to receive a free stock from $3 - $300 in value. Then deposit $5 to receive 1 more free stock valued at $8-$2,000. At minimum you'll receive $11.
Sign up, connect your bank account and deposit $100 to receive $50 in free investment in whatever stocks you want! Instant 50% ROI. *This is the investment platform I use every day.
Create your account, and confirm your email to get your account approved and receive your first free stock. Then deposit $100 to receive 2 more free stocks! Each stock is valued from $3 - $200 so your minimum returns is $9 and maximum is $600.
Simply create your account, link your bank account, and then you'll get your free stock. No transfer needed. Stock valued from $3 - $225.
Sign up to Acorns and add your bank or card information to receive $5 instantly. Acorns is a great, simple investment platform for people who need a little extra help finding money to invest. You can make micro-investments based on rounding up your spending to the nearest dollar, or just invest a couple dollars a day.
Free Stock Club - Stay Updated on New Free Stock Opportunities Get updated whenever a new free stock becomes available. Platforms often launch with lucrative free stock offers, but then quickly end those programs or make them less lucrative. Waiting can lead to missing out on great free stock opportunities!