1 Hour Per Day Income Stream Journey

Starting October 4th, 2017

I’m investing 1 hour each workday to work on EarnTrackInvest. I already have a full-time 40 hour career, so this goal here is to build an extra stream of income out of EarnTrackInvest.

My strategy is to wake up 1 hour earlier each workday with a nice pot of coffee and spend that hour building the website, promoting content, or writing articles.

We’ll see just how big of an income stream we can build out of 1 hour a day, and how long it takes to see results. My hypothesis is that this will result in an hourly rate of about $0 an hour for the first few months, but within a couple of years the return off of those hours worked will be ridiculous as they pile on more value. The majority of my activity with EarnTrackInvest is intended to pay off over time, not immediately, so each hour I work will build upon previous hours.

Bookmark this page and return periodically to track my progress.

I’ll leave updates here whenever interesting things happen. One thing you can expect to be updated on is my first bit of revenue. The monetization strategy is to use affiliate links for things I’d recommend anyway, and when I’m writing about important concepts find a way to mention them.

You might think it is a bit odd to wake up earlier for an experiment like this. However, my life circumstances make this a perfect opportunity! My wife’s team starts working around 8am, while mine starts around 9am. Thus by waking up an hour earlier I’m mirroring my wife’s sleep and work schedule which should be healthy for the relationship which is really my first motivation for starting this challenge.

My second motivation is that I believe people can be successful just by consistently dedicating time to their idea. If this income journey is successful, it means other people can do it to. However, I don’t think you need to wait for me to tell you to get started on your dreams.

Find something you love doing, think of how to make it a somewhat passive stream of income over time, and carve out some time to work.

Update October 10, 2017

Waking up early takes some getting used to, I definitely feel more tired throughout the day. But I am excited about the progress I’ve already made, the website is looking decent, not quite where I want it to be, but usable. I already have an about section set up, and two article (if you count this one), and the website split up into Earn, Track, and Invest categories.

Update October 31, 2017

I’ve posted a couple more articles, and found quite a few. I have mostly worked on researching affiliate partner opportunities and building this website. When I made this site I decided to use Joomla as the platform, but I am thinking about switching to WordPress, a platform I’m more familiar with, because it seems to have a lot more powerful plugins with less security risks. In terms of revenue, we haven’t picked up any yet. Google has official indexed EarnTrackInvest, but we are not on page 1 for any terms yet.

Update October 31, 2017 End of Hour

I’m definitely switching to WordPress. I spent the entire hour writing a post this morning, but Joomla timed out on me and required a login. When I logged in, all of my work was gone. I tried to go back in my browser to see if I could get the work, but Joomla doesn’t let that happen. This has happened in the past with small edits, but never to an entire article. I can’t have entire hours wasted in this manner, so I will probably spend my mornings the rest of this week on transitioning over to WordPress.

Update November 3, 2017:

I officially switched over to WordPress now, there were some problems but not too bad. All my posts have been changed over and now I just need to make the template look nice and then get down to writing!

Update November 14, 2017:

I’ve written a couple more posts. I’ve done a lot of work on getting a lot of affiliate links together. I think I’ll publish 5-10 more posts before I setup some social network profiles and begin.

Update December 5, 2017:

I’ve posted a few more articles and did my first review of a financial software. The review industry is quite competitive, so there is probably a lot of work I need to do to compete with that. I have also done a lot of backend work, implemented Google Analytics tracking and set up event tracking for my affiliate links. All that means is I know which links are being clicked at what time on what pages. The final thing I’ve done recently is installed a forum system. It is a discussion board that hopefully can drive some user generated content but also help people with their questions.

Update January 11, 2018:

It’s a new year and a hopefully a new dedication to working on this website. I get distracted with other ideas pretty easily, and over the last month I had an idea for a website that I just had to get moving! I did that and now it’s up and running and I can focus back on EarnTrackInvest. Also, I’m finding that it is difficult to wake up an hour early and use that hour productively. I definitely need to get better at doing that.

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